Manufacturing Industry of Raw Material of Nonwovens Spunbond and Meltblown

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Spunbond Non Woven Fabric Indonesia

PT BUSAN JAYA SPUNINDO manufactures Non Woven Spunbond which can be applied to produce shopping bags, goody bags, souvenirs, outer layer of masks, furnitures, spring beds, shoes, PPE Clothes, etc.

Our Superiorities

  • Our products have competitive price with highly maitained qualities.

  • Range of thickness from our products are up to 150 gramasi

  • Our products are available in lots of variations of widhts and lengths. Since the width and length are based on to customer order.

  • The choices of colors from our products are vary and will be increased along with the development of market.

  • Our company is committed to always ready for supplying the spunbond needs of the Indonesian and International Citizen.

  • Our Company is also open for a long-term cooperation with commitment of Mutual Care, Respect and Long-term Cooperative Relationship.

  • Melt blown fabric Indonesia

    PT BUSAN JAYA SPUNINDO is a company that continues to grow. We are one of the companies chosen by customers to provide Raw Materials of Non Woven Spunbond and Meltblown. For their trusts, we aim to grow better and be the first choice of consumers as a reliable company to supply their needs.

    For Meltblown we produce has passed the BFE test 100% PFE >98%, Meltblown is a staple ingredient of disposable medical devices such as masks. The waterproof layer is useful for filtering the smallest particles such as viruses, bacterias, and other microbes. The process of producing meltblown is different from spunbond. Meltbown is not a woven fabric but is made by using the hot air through fabric method in its production process to create a dense and ultra-fine fiber for filtration function.

    Our Meltblown Fabrics are made of smaller particle of micro fibers compared to other meltbrown fabrics on market, thus making our product way softer. The textured surface of meltblown fabric gives this fabric a good capability of insulation and filtration. In terms of aesthetics, spunbond and meltblown fabrics have an attractive appearance because they are available in various colors and having a smooth looking surface.

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